Mining Recruitment Group, MRG

The Mining Recruitment Group(MRG) is a privately owned Canadian mining executive search firm offering full-service recruitment expertise to our clients within the resource industry.  

Established in 2006, The Mining Recruitment Group is a leader in executive search for emerging junior and mid-cap  mining companies. Our mission is to build deep, "trusted advisor" relationships with our clients, and to do so with a keen appreciation for the unique requirements of the resource industry. 

Since our inception, we have advised companies ranging in size from $5M to $20B in market cap and have been involved in successful searches spanning all senior executive and functional leadership positions within the mining industry. 

The Mining Recruitment Group combines the best of executive search practices in terms of thoroughness of search process with the speed, savvy, and personal attention required by rapidly growing resource companies. Our value to clients begins with four important differentiators—boutique service; sector expertise; leadership focus; and innovative search transparency and methodology. MRG's experienced mining headhunters search the Canadian marketplace on your behalf  to find and secure you with the best talent on the market. 

Whether you are contemplating making an addition to your team, or are an experienced industry professional looking to make a change, a consultant at The Mining Recruitment Group would be interested in discussing your situation in detail.

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  Vice President of Operations
  Mine Controller